Friday, July 30, 2010

Last weekend's festivities

Saturday night I went out to help Zade, one of my teammates (here on the far right,) celebrate his birthday. We had lots of lovely champagne which encouraged us all to dance. Fortunately, no photos of the dancing.

Jackie, another one of my teammates..

And Marc, one of my favorite training partners.

Then Sunday after class, we had a pool party/BBQ. Of course, the obligatory water-jits ensued. Here's Joseph-- maybe trying a swimming-armbar on Juan?

Me and Jackie..

It was perfect weather. Hot and sunny most of the time, but with a few threatening clouds and two brief spits of very light rain that brought in a nice breeze and cooler air.

Filip, Joseph and Vidush.

Joseph's wife Susan, Joy, and Filip.

Leila didn't swim because of her neck brace but it was GREAT to see her out and about again. We're all hoping for a 100% recovery!

Catherine, and my friend Leslie who works with me.

Mark, a purple belt in Dallas under Marcelo Garcia and author of The Bat Dojo.

It was a potluck BBQ and people brought a ton of food.

My husband Mitch.

Vidush, Chuck and Filip.

My college, law school, and post-law school roommate and dear friend Kelly.

It was a wonderful weekend. :)


Anonymous said...

Perfecto! Looks like it was a great time.

The Part Time Grappler said...

Beautiful happyful wonderful photos :)