Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yes, I counted.

Competition class tonight. Temp outside 97, heat index 103. Who knows what it was in the academy but even with the fans going, after the two hour regular class, it was warm, stuffy, moist and stinky. Fortunately Donald didn't make us do any conditioning or warmup.

Instead, he broke us down quickly into teams for takedown sharkpits. Each group had a different takedown. Double, modified double, and 2 different judo takedowns-- the tipping refrigerator and the steering wheel (I can't recall the Japanese names, which Donald used and I should know, but am braindead...) The modified double was pretty tiring, and I got kneeled on (ouch) and crunched on my shoulder (ouch) and twisted a finger (ouch). Then on the footsweep one, everyone else seemed to get it more or less, but for me. I tried, and I tried, but the angels cried and pouted... nature averted her eyes, and Donald had to intervene.

After he told me ignore the feet and focus on the kuzushi, I got more praise from him in one night than maybe I've gotten my whole life from him.

Four beautifuls, one perfect, and a good.

Nope, didn't count all the not-those comments before the intervention. They don't count.

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The Part Time Grappler said...

Praise to you for counting! Well done.