Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready to perfect your BJJ, network, bond, AND enjoy vacation???

Ladies, get ready for the Womens Grapple Camp this summer--  start planning now! I just finished a mini-camp, a 3-day weekend in San Antonio, full of great jiu jitsu taught by Val Worthington and Emily Kwok and fun times with other like-minded gals. I can only imagine what a full week would be like!  This one will be hostessed by Mallory Kraft, a blue belt and awesome friend of mine.  Here's Mallory (blue gi) last year at the Pan--

Here's a picture from a previous camp -- if you start counting 1 at the far left, #2 is Val, #3 is Mallory, and #5 is Emily.  The other two ladies also came from Mallory's academy.

The camp will be August 1-5 at Paragon BJJ Academy in San Luis Obispo, CA. What? your honey is pouting? Significant others (and presumably your kids) may train at either the SLO location or Templeton location (30 miles north) for only $50 for the week! From the schedule you can see there are plenty of classes to keep them busy.  Look how big their dang matspace is:

But they're not into jiu jitsu, you say? or some are, some aren't? San Luis Obispo has been called the happiest city in America by National Geographic and Oprah. There's tons of great hiking within the city or a 15-minute drive. SLO is also ten minutes from multiple beaches. Stay a little longer and make it a mini vacation. Drive down to the LA/San Diego area and do some slumming with Galvao, Cobrinha, Saulo/Xande, Kron, Henry/Ronda and other second-string instructors *wink*...

You can expect a class to be taught by the head instructor at Paragon-- Chris Lovato, a black belt in BJJ and judo.  Here he is with Franjinha at No Gi Worlds 2010. Chris is on the left in the white and black rashguard. They closed out their absolute bracket together that year.  Franjinha is the head of the entire Paragon association and Chris' instructor.  Pretty cool moment!

So, consider this your save-the-date.  More info to come on registration, pricing, etc etc!



Rick Brady said...

My parents live in SLO and I grew up 30 mins south in Santa Maria. Absolutely fantastic city. I've trained at Paragon SLO and blogged about it. Awesome experience and nice, clean facility. Chris Lavato is a gem. Super nice and made plenty of time to roll with a big sloth white belt newbie who dropped in just because. Two thumbs up. Ladies, make it happen!

Mallory said...

Rick - Thanks for blogging about us. I remember training with you (you even mention me by name in your blog post)Come visit again anytime.

Rick Brady said...

Mallory - good to hear from you! Sorry about the name drop. I stopped using training partner names in my posts a while back. In the early days I never thought people would actually read my blog. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable and I hope I wrote good things?!?! I recall you being super tough and being quite impressed. With everyone really. Great experience. Last few times I've been in town I've been injured. I'll be in SLO again Fri 3/16 to Sun 3/18. Hope to drop in.