Thursday, February 23, 2012

Ronda and Miesha

I enjoyed this interview.

I think Ronda needs just a tiny bit less of the confidence... not in her skills, but in her own rightness and opinions.  She's just a little too free with her words, and I think maybe they'll bite her someday.  She comes across too strongly, treading the line of b*tchery.  She's already my favorite female MMA fighter bar none because her judo and her armbar give me tinglies, but I would like her more if she seemed more humble.  She's right in what she says though...

01:50 -- Ronda Rousey -- "All these girls are saying that I have talked my way into a title, is just a mean way of saying that I was smarter than them and I figured out to make as much progress in six months as they did in six years."


K said...

I personally love cockiness in sport, if the athletes are skilled and can back up their words on the field of play. Not every athlete has to take that route. She is coming from a high performance, highly structured sport backround with soooo many unwritten and written rules about behavior and expectation. I'm sure she's enjoying letting loose a bit. And if she's willing to be the face that pushes womans fighting to a forefront, even better! Yaaay for tingly armbars!

slideyfoot said...

Interesting interview: much more thought-provoking debate than the usual "I'm gonna smash my opponent!" "No, I'M gonna smash YOU!" type stuff.

I personally detest cockiness in sport. I find arrogance very off-putting, even if it is justified in terms of skill level. That's possibly because I grew up in the UK, where humility and self-deprecation are valued.

But I have to admit it does make you watch, as you want to see the cocky fighter lose. The GSP vs Koscheck fight was a perfectly executed example throughout TUF 12: even though it was really obvious they were trying to set up Koscheck as the heel, it still worked and I still enjoyed seeing him lose.