Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Back from a work trip....

 Sorry for the dead blog... had a hearing last week out of town and definitely needed some additional time for preparation.  But I'm back home now.  I'm looking forward to finishing the review of the Submission Fight lightweight gi, the Drysdale cradle, B12 Basics, and Emily Kwok Bigger Stronger Opponent instructionals, Roy Dean's Brown Belt dvd, the Scramble spats, and Jordon Schulz's Law of Guard interactive online instructional series. 

I'm considering taking some time off actual jiu jitsu training.  While my work deadlines are a little more moderately spaced apart, they still exist, and I'm finding myself having to talk myself into going to class (and failing).  I'm cross training with Olympic lifting and my crossfit-esque classes at the gym... and judo... and I roll nogi here and there with friends... so I will still be on the mats.  But I figure if I'm having to talk myself into training, it's time for a break, even though I feel like I've been taking a long patchy break for about a year now anyways.

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