Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Low-carb lasagna

Lately I'm craving pasta and tortillas.  It sucks.

I'm going to try this zucchini alternative to lasagna noodles in my next lasagna and let you know how it goes.  I got it from LiveStrong today.

Heat oven to 375.  Using a mandolin, slice 8 zucchini length-wise into long strips. Place on paper towel and sprinkle with salt. Let stand 15-20 minutes then blot moisture.

Arrange zucchini on baking sheet and bake until slightly browned.  Use in place of your normal lasagna noodles in your preferred recipe for lasagna. 

I tend to do the classic-- browned hamburger meat and Italian sausage crumbles in a marinara-type sauce, with basil, oregano, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and an egg.  Other variations involve mushrooms, spinach, etc... but I think with the zucchini it would be sufficiently healthy and vegetable-ish I could skip the other greenery.


leslie said...

I haven't tried zucchini noodles (I just end up eating the zucchini, lol), but spaghetti squash is anotehr great noodle replacement.

Liam H Wandi said...

Have you ever grated a raw cauliflower, fried it and used it instead of rice? it's delicious!

thanks for this recipe G. Hope you're excellent.

Megan said...

I second Liam. Cauliflower crust has been a nice substitute during my paleo attempts.