Saturday, January 19, 2013

One of Lloyd Irvin's defenders on Sherdog--

While wading through 70+ pages on a TLI rape thread... I was repeatedly annoyed by posts attacking the victim made by EpicBeardMan (by now he's been banned) who seemed to be a troll.  But someone found he'd posted two years previously on the topic of rolling with women, so he might just have been honestly that misogynistic..

Check out what EpicBeardMan wrote two years ago, found  here:
"I'm just the opposite. I LOVE doing it! What other circumstance will you get a chance to choke a legitimately resisting cute chick who doesn't want to be choked; without going to jail?

I mean you can do it in the bedroom occasionally if you find the right chick. But they're into it, and actually enjoy the feeling of being choked, so it's not the same."


Anonymous said...

That's just sick and disturbing. If he was one of my training partners, I would be horrified.

Thankfully, in my gym, if there WAS something that "deviant", the rest of the team would invite him to change his mindset. Where I train, that type of attitude would absolutely not be accepted.

I am very blessed where I train. My sensei does not have an ego, he has a love of jiu jitsu that he wants to share. He pushes the competitors hard. He makes sure everyone trains safe - man, woman or child. And he won't tolerate disrespect & ego between classmates from anyone.

Anonymous said...

God, that's sick.


Megan said...

I trained with one of these guys...used to try to talk me into holding chokes longer before tapping. Glad we're at different gyms now.