Thursday, May 23, 2013

The FRAMO concept.

I started training in October 2008, got my blue in January 2009, and took about an eighteen month layoff which ended in January 2013.  It's true, the first thing to go in a long layoff (from what I'm told and what I've experienced) is your timing.  Not to mention your fitness, of course.  So I'm happy to report that now, after about five months of just jiu jitsu (no crossfit-esque conditioning classes at my other gym, for the most part) I feel like I'm back in the swing of things (although, I lost 20 lbs and then gained 15 back with two trips to NYC and the associated eating-like-a-convicted-criminal.  Pathetic.)

Today I wanted to report a little wee milestone reached.

Today was my first submission by kimura against a fully-resisting adult male opponent.  I call this a FRAMO.

I remember how thrilled I was with my first triangle FRAMO.  (It wasn't that long ago, either..)  I think I've done a lot of jiu jitsu backwardly from most men (and maybe most women, too.)  My first submission that wasn't given to me, my first FRAMO, was an ankle lock when he took my back and crossed his ankles.  Since then I haven't really kept track of every first, but I know the majority of subs were Americanas, far side and near side armbars, ezequiels, and north-south chokes.  The standard guard attacks that everyone seems to get fairly early on, like triangles, armbars, and cross chokes have been beyond elusive for me.  So the first triangle stood out like the sun... and I have yet to get a cross choke.

The only reason I'm catching some of these rare-for-me FRAMO creatures is my eye and timing must be getting better.  I'm not stronger, I'm not rolling against weaker opponents.  It's not that my technique is any better.  I'm just making better decisions.  So that's happy news.

More happy news-- my buddy Mark turned me on to BJJ Scout.  He does some NICE breakdown analysis videos.  Check this one, analyzing Leandro Lo's toreando passing.

Oh, and through his blog, I found some footage of Lo teaching in Portuguese... this clip is a nice reminder for me of a variant on the butterfly sweep (I never get this.  Ever.)

Got some reviews coming.  Datsusara's hemp version 3.0; Lucky Gi's Diaz Brothers bamboo gi; Wamada's new bamboo rashguard; a couple instructionals too including Emily Kwok's Bigger Stronger Opponent, Drysdale's Cradle...



SavageKitsune said...

I am so stealing that term. Love it.

clinzy said...

I've been off for about two years now, with little spurts of training here and there. I'm about to go back to training for real (with women's grappling camp, no less), and I'm glad to hear that the timing does come back!

Bobby and Amanda said...

Nice work, Georgette! I have yet to experience a "FRAMO", although if you keep sending me to these women's BJJ classes (the one in Lakeland was awesome) I'm sure I'll finally get my chance :).

Shark Girl said...

whoop--there it is! rock on, Georgette!