Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Joe Rogan puts Lloyd Irvin on blast on his podcast

Watch around 1:18 or so:

Of course he won't even say Lloyd Irvin's name... giant pussy Joe Rogan!  As always I'm not your biggest fan.  "I don't know what he's guilty of" and whatever-- except you don't even have to know whether he gang raped that 17 year old girl... you can just say he bought the domain name and used it to market his own rape prevention seminars! 


Tree Frog said...

Did you pay attention to the 4/30/13 podcast? LI pops up again fairly early on (somewhere in first 20 minutes of actual show [beyond the advertisements]).

Rogan says LI called him up to have a weird conversation. Rogan then goes on to say that he knows for a fact that LI's marketing tactics have made people a lot of money, despite being stupid and so on.

Rogan also kind of refuses to say anything more along the lines of "sex scandal" or anything actually negative about LI.

John B said...

But he did buy that website, right? And don't you think actually saying his name would be worse?

Georgette said...

Tree Frog, I can't stand Joe Rogan and I don't listen to him, so I didn't hear it. I heard he did a later podcast in which he backtracks because of a threatening phone call from Lloyd. I was told it starts around 29 minutes but if anyone can post a link it would be great.

John, yes he actually bought tons of domain names as I've posted numerous times here. And I don't know what you mean by worse... worse for whom?

Anonymous said...

Here is the video where Rogan backtracks on Irvin:

The Lloyd Irvin talk starts at 0:18:45

Zecarlo said...

Joe is a condescending pseudo-intellectual. I don't know why anyone would take anything from him seriously or consider him a source of erudite commentary on anything important. He is a comedian and not a very good one at that. There's a reason why he acts like he is ignorant of the whole LI mess but he lacks the integrity to just come out and say it (it isn't fear of Lloyd). And he does indeed know what has been going on as even Eddie Bravo posts on the UG.

Anonymous said...

Joe responds to the backtracking here. Not that it's a great response.

Anonymous said... seems to be coming back to life there a bit.