Monday, November 04, 2013

Celebrating Maldonado's Not Guilty? [EDITED]

I'm just wondering why people are celebrating Melo-donado's not guilty....

I've heard Lucas Lepri removed his post cheering the acquittal, though Adam's page is private now and I can't see for sure.

[EDITED TO ADD: several of his students have contacted me... and one had contacted me at least a day before I posted this... to strenuously assure me that Prof. Lepri had misunderstood what he was commenting about and had immediately retracted his comment.  I would like to note that I did not take this screen shot, nor did I make the red circle around Prof. Lepri's name.  However, I needed the screen shot because I wanted to share my disappointment that a woman, dating a former medal chaser, was applauding Melo-donado's acquittal.  So I used the screen shot and hoped that me saying Prof. Lepri had retracted it was sufficient.  Apparently some people were angered that he would even make such an error and wanted to still attribute bad intent to Prof. Lepri.  I have no reason whatsoever to think this is merited and because I trust the word of the three students who assure me still that he is not a rape apologist in any fashion, I am whiting-out his name on the picture below.  PLEASE do not look down on Prof. Lepri for his "typographical" error, thank you.]

I also see Keenan Cornelius's girlfriend cheering about it.

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