Saturday, November 02, 2013

Lloyd Irvin caught MISREPRESENTING his role in the IBJJF

Lloyd posted on facebook implying that he was helping the IBJJF write the new rules for next year:

Of course, this was misleading at best.  The IBJJF acted quickly, for once, to distance itself from Lloyd.



john dizzo said...

Lloyd responded to your comments on his Facebook page in his typical fourth grade level prose. He clearly stated in his first post that he 'participated' which implies he actually has something to do with the making of new rules. His post is very misleading with regards to what he actually did, which is listen and provide feedback to rules that the IBJJF has come up with. Typical Lloyd embellishment.

Anonymous said...

Truly, Georgette, you and Lloyd are on opposite sides of the same annoying, arrogant coin.

First, Lloyd may have insinuated that he had a hand in shaping the rules but anyone who really knows anything knows that IBJJF has it's own panel of rule-makers. Matter of fact, Lloyd insulted the IBJJF last year by declaring that head referee Alvaro Mansor oversaw a staff that screwed over American competitors in favor of Brazilians. The most Lloyd did was attend the rules meeting that is provided the day prior any IBJJF tournament and that rules meeting is open to anyone who is willing to pay the fee.

Second, have you seen the video of Lloyd Irvin team members allegedly raping their teammate? You haven't and from the climate of the recent rulings it looks as though no rape can even legally be said to have taken place. Your opinion on something you haven't even seen doesn't make it a fact.

Third, the IBJJF has no partnership with Lloyd Irvin and even if they did who are you to demand that they disassociate with him? If you don't like who they are allegedly associated with then the onus is on you to separate yourself. Just because you were a ring coordinator at the NY Open this year doesn't give you the authority to basically tell the governing body of sport BJJ what to do.