Saturday, November 02, 2013

Paul Thomas Jiu Jitsu [EDITED- May not welcome] sex offender Nick Schultz

EDITED TO ADD (On Nov 4th)-- according to Alvis Solis, today:
"Alvis Solis
I talked to Paul Thomas today via phone and he promises NOT to allow Nick Schultz. He had kicked Nick out for other things a long time ago and I reinforced that decision for Paul. He should be making a public announcement soon"

Nick Schultz used to train with Paul Thomas Jiu Jitsu of Katy, TX (now called Katy Jiu Jitsu) before going to Team Lloyd Irvin.  And now I am told (by someone reporting to me a verbal conversation had with Paul) that Paul Thomas is willing to welcome Nick back, should he be acquitted in DC and need a training home.

Paul has some odd opinions and ways of expressing them.

(Don't worry, I downloaded those videos.  So if they get pulled from the inter tubes, let me know.)

Here are some posts on various forums about Paul:

And, some screen shots sent to me by an anonymous source.

 So-- I'm not saying any of the events reported here are true-- only that they have been reported.  However, until Paul Thomas chooses to disavow the primary issue-- that he would welcome Nick Schultz back with open arms-- I think it's relevant to ask why not, and make this public information (and inquiry)....

As a result I asked him to comment, tonight Saturday Nov 2nd at 10pm central... let's see what he says.

Thanks Kitsune for your public pressure:

"Public service message: Paul Thomas Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing MMA school (Katy, Texas) has indicated that Nick Schultz (the guy who raped a teammate at TLI and left her semiconscious on a cement parking lot in the middle of a winter night) is welcome to come back and train there (he has trained at Paul Thomas before). Please help spread the word that Paul Thomas Jiu Jitsu Kickboxing MMA welcomes dangerous and immoral asswipes onto its mats to troll for their next victims among its students and their families.  Please also indulge me as I will be using this blog on an ongoing basis to publicize schools and sponsors who support rapists. We need to get this out into the light where everyone can see."


SavageKitsune said...

Wow..... just... wow.

To quote the police chief on Forever Knight; "Forty years on the force, and always something new to amaze and disgust..."

Thanks for working on this, Georgette. We appreciate having this information.

Dave said...

Georgette, thanks for all the coverage of this case. It's very important that the BJJ community has these hard discussions instead of just going back to business as usual. I really appreciate what you're doing.

The truth be told said...

Wow, you don't think that these men are going to lawyer up and come after you? You are in for a rude awakening! Character assasination is nothing to joke about.