Monday, April 06, 2015

Help if you want to train in Brazil...

I just wanted to invite you to check out the site Train In Brazil Group. Anyone interested in training in Brazil (either BJJ or MMA) can use their services for a hassle-free trip. Everything is organized and taken care of before you reach beautiful Brazil.

Team Kazulu

What makes this experience unique is that you can choose from different cities (São Paulo, Campinas or Rio de Janeiro) and academies for your experience; there are also different accommodations to choose from, as well as tours. They can also register you for tournaments, which can be a big hassle as a foreigner wanting to compete in Brazil.

Also, for any of you interested in learning some Portuguese, you can sign up for their mailing list and receive an e-book for free.

A few words from the owner, Brandon: (he's in the center of this photo)

"My name is Brandon Pennington and I am the founder of Train In Brazil Group.  I have been  involved in martial arts since the age of six. I first came to Brazil on  a business trip in 2005 with  other students from my MBA program. Since the first trip, I fell in love with Brazil and wanted to  move here. Eight years later my dream became a reality.

A year before planning to move to Brazil, a friend of mine introduced me to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This was a point in my life when my love for martial arts and Brazil grew even stronger. I started training with my friend from work at an academy in Chicago. I told the guys there that I would be moving to Brazil in a year. Everyone was so jealous of me and they said they were planning a trip to Rio de Janeiro to train BJJ and see Brazil.

It wasn’t until they came here to visit that I realized the difficulty that foreigners have when trying to organize a trip and travel in Brazil. I helped them by calling the academies to find out when they had training sessions, how much it would cost to train, places to stay, visit, and other things related to Brazil that only a local or someone who speaks Portuguese and knows the country would be able to do. My team from Chicago thanked me for my help and realized that their trip would not have been possible without me. The rest is history!"

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