Thursday, April 23, 2015

Q&A about the surveillance camera video, part two.

I titled my previous post on this subject "part one" and didn't get around to writing part two until later.  Then I forgot and left this in the drafts.

What spurred me was a comment to this older post that came in.

Blogger The truth be told said...
This story totally contradicts the police report. Aaron said she had on pants and that they carried her. Police report said that they walked in together and that she had a dress on. Who do you believe?
1:03 PM
Blogger Georgette said...
Jesus, are you serious Victor?

Strangely enough some women wear leggings under dresses, or tunic tops that look like dresses, especially in cold weather. Even more strangely, men don't always know what to call womens' clothing items, and leggings can be confused for pants in the masculine mind.

Even MORE strangely, two people can watch the same video of someone being assaulted in a parking garage and come up with differing interpretations of clothing seen in that video and STILL NOT BE LYING as to whether there is an assault on said video.
1:10 PM

That's what I mean. People will take slight differences in peripheral stuff and from it attribute lying on important stuff.


The truth be told said...

That doesn't excuse Aaron Ross for being a total liar. Does it?

718breez said...

Georgette you are a hateful lying idiot.first they carried her in ,which was a total lie , thenthey took off her pants ,lol thats funny She had no pants or leggings She was not wearing leggings. Pink Mini skirt w a thong thats it . And cowboy boots dumbass.And aaron france is a piece of the same shit as you. Lying ass prick and he is supposed to be a was all about money. That girl lied from day one and all you idiots ran to make names for yourselves. No one would even know who you are if that Bitch didnt lie .

Georgette said...

LOL thanks Victor Maldonado, you never fail to entertain. Gosh I wish I made any money off this, I have to put up with your dumb comments, I should at least get something out of it.