Friday, July 07, 2006


So this is Flash... my friend Mark Patterson's newest "offspring."

My friend Amanda at the Magic Kingdom. Amanda and I met at the Travis County Attorneys Office when I was a baby prosecutor and she was a victim-witness coordinator. She saved my sanity many a time. Now she's a killer real estate agent.

Amanda and her husband Ryan. Ryan is an APD officer on the DWI task force, and one of the best in the state. He's also a DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) and he teaches law enforcement all over Texas.

This is Mark Patterson, "daddy" of Flash, on his splendid mare Desi. She's a great eventer.

And this is my wonderful little house. She's on the National Historic Register and is over 120 years old.

This is my dear friend Kaspar Wenstrup, a photojournalist from Denmark, in Panama on assignment. We met in northern Ireland, summer of 1998, and now I get to live my photojournalism fantasies vicariously through him.

And this is Stephanie Kelley and her daughter Kennedy. I met Stephanie when I was dating Drew, and we've stayed friends ever since. She's studying nursing in Indiana now. Steph has the most beautiful, tender, affectionate face!

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