Friday, July 07, 2006

Las Vegas for a Birthday Party...

Mitch's dad turned 75 in June, so we had an enormous family party the weekend of June 23rd. His parents live in Las Vegas, right next door to his dad's sister Aling. Family came from all over the US to celebrate, and we ate almost nonstop. This is Johnny and Norma, Mitch's parents.

John, Mitch's brother, and his wife Ashley and their children Bryan and Sarah. John is a dentist in Dallas.

This is Mitch's cousin Kathy and her husband Joey. They live in Long Island, and Joey owns and runs one of the best New York pizzerias EVER. I just love their pizza! And the garlic knots! But anyway.. Joey and Kathy are two of my favorite people. Their kids Chris and Michael are smart, solid, good boys, and the whole family really knows how to have fun. They always make me feel at home and welcome.

Kathy and her younger boy Chris.

Mitch's cousin Dennis and Kathy.

The kids all sang happy birthday to Johnny.

Lots of fun dancing afterwards.

Me, Mitch and Tita ("Aunt") Aling.

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