Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Still sick... still upset...

Another day of working from home, except that something weird happened to my virtual desktop and I am temporarily unable to connect. Hopefully that sorts itself out soon, or I'll have to drag my feathers back into the office. I'm still hacking a lot, but I feel better, and my nose isn't as sniffy.

I'm still stunned and very unhappy about my friend Jeff's death. We weren't close at all, more acquaintances than anything, but he had such a definite personality, he really stands out in my mind. I liked that he called his wife Mandy "the Pea" which I think was short for "sweetpea." I liked that he had a little weinerdog named Lucy. I liked that he called his friends Kim and Sigmund "Team Bloom" and referred to himself and his wife as "Team Wilson." I liked a lot of little quirky things about him, and from what I can tell, I would have liked to have known him better. But even if he was a little turd... what makes me mad is why he died.

That woman knew better! I could almost be less upset if the driver had been a stupid young kid. Instead, it was a courthouse employee, and an adult more than anything-- how can you get past 18 or so and not know that driving after drinking is STUPID!?!?!? It's pure selfishness. We've all seen the photographs of that young woman Jacqueline in Austin, whose face was horribly scarred because she was trapped in a burning car, the victim of a DWI collision. How can you see that poster even once and ever drink and drive again? Plus this lady worked in a county courthouse-- where one of the most common criminal charges is DWI! Sheesh. I am sorry to sound vitriolic, but I hope she is in agony and I hope it does not lessen for a very long time. I want to SHAKE her!

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