Monday, July 10, 2006

Not crazy 'bout bein' sick...

Blech. I'm sick! Thank goodness my office is cool beyond belief.. I'm working from home today instead of having to use sick time. I'm feeling OKish today, good enough to work, but reluctant to share the wealth with my coworkers.

Good weekend except for being sick though-- I finally beat Ben in a racquetball game! The very first game we played-- 15-12. Amazing. I did OK in the next match too, but then lost every single other one we played. Maybe I was getting tired, I definitely wasn't pushing myself as hard to get to the ball, but I was delighted that I finally won one. So that was a lovely two hours Friday afternoon.

Then, poor Mitch was too sick to teach, so I got to handle the salsa class at Copa alone. Fortunately Silvio Ramos (the owner/manager) was on hand to help me get connected to the sound board. A good class, 17 students, with fun people. The only downer was the subwoofer-- broken-- so after class we were sans music for a bit while Fabian and Alvaro (DJs at Copa) fiddled and finagled 'til they brought the tunes back to life.

I started feeling pretty poorly Saturday morning. Mitch and I dawdled around, finally got going on some errands around 1pm, and made it to Bastrop around 3ish. I laid around and read, napped, read some more, progressively sicker each hour. Sunday I felt well enough to poke around in the garden for a while-- pulling up trumpetvine sprouts is my new avocation-- and I think getting out in the sun and sweating a bit (a lot) may have helped. Took a cold shower and headed back to Mitch's house Sunday evening. Still wasn't feeling well at all though, so I bailed on the free Symphony concert in the park and my friends Traci and Rrachelle.

I was delighted to note that the daylilies I planted in Mitch's front yard are doing well despite the deer population in the neighborhood. I took a photo-- already have one blossom! It was a "breeder's bag" from Veycheck Nurseries, $200 for 100 plants, and I stuck them in his front flower bed as a temporary holding space until we get the back yard redone. I am shocked one actually flowered so soon after planting. It wasn't anything special, just a raspberry pink with a yellow throat and some light ruffling on the petals, and small too, but it's a flower! hooray!

So today I'm hacking, coughing, snuffling and draggin' tailfeathers around the house. My nose is sore already so it will be a long day. I have a bowl of cut-up cantaloupe and watermelon at my side, and a posthearing brief to work on. What more could a girl want?

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