Monday, March 16, 2009

Life and BJJ...

Shamelessly pinched from Mike Colon's BJJ blog, found here.

"Here are the top ten things I've learned from BJJ that are applicable in business, relationships, and life in general.

1. Don't resist too much; roll with the punches. Resistance will tire you out and throw you off of your game. Remember that there are many solutions to every problem.... find a new angle.

2. You don't have to be bigger and stronger to succeed. Technique and experience are far superior than force.

3. You will always learn more from losing than from winning.

4. Play safe but not too safe. Injuries will set you back in your progress but fear will take you out of the game completely.

5. If you work uncomfortably harder than your competition, in time you will find yourself comfortably ahead.

6. Match yourself up with strong competitors; they will push you to get better.

7. Absorb everything you can from people who have proven themselves but be careful in taking advice from a rookie.

8. One private lesson from an accomplished instructor is worth at least 10 group lessons.

9. First, become an expert in one or two tactics. They will give you respect and open doors for you to diversify.

10. Be patient; Enjoy the journey and the progress that goes along with it. Focus on being the best you can be for each level of experience."

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