Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm pooped. Trying to lose weight, another 10 lbs or so to go by April 4. Had a good weekend but ate too many rich things-- watched my purple "wing" Scott win his gi match at a local MMA fight, then went out to celebrate at a steakhouse, yum! And Sunday was a BBQ at a friend's house, where I contributed turtle brownies, again yum! So I have been working out as hard as I can, and I'm a little fatigued. Had a great day so far-- this morning's class was part 1 of a guard attack series ending (so far) in a nice sweep... then after my lunch crossfit class, I did an hour of nogi and was happy with how I'm doing defensively, not so much on the nogi offense. Dammit, there aren't many chokes from mount in nogi! I tried for an ezequiel-like thing, tried for a couple pillow chokes and two guillotines.. no luck.

Anyway, off to class again now. Looking forward to eating dinner tonight-- last night I had vegetarian tamales, and I think tonight is salmon, brown rice and asparagus, maybe with a spinach salad.


Elyse said...

From mount - arm bar or mounted triangle. Both work just as well in gi or no-gi.

hitthome said...

Hell, just reading that made me tired.

Georgette said...

Elyse, I hear you, but especially nogi and against guys, I'm not having any luck with arm-related offense. They get all slick and slippery, and I haven't got the technique clean enough to overcome their strength advantage. I'm more focused on chokes these days; trying to open my game up to include a guard offense (blech! I am much happier on top!) and some sweeps. There's sooooo much to learn and it seems I'm ADD in BJJ, I can't focus on one thing at a time but I run all over like I'm on crack, a little here, a little there, and nothing overall.