Tuesday, March 24, 2009

two more thoughts on hair

NOT this:

Maybe something like this in the back? or too short?


Unknown said...

Those two look the same to me.

hitthome said...

I think your hair is full enough to pull off a cut like the bottom one on this post. Will it curl up if you cut it short?

Elyse said...

Bobs are really super awesome. I totally wish I could have one, but my curls would just give me an afro.
That said, I'm looking to get my hair cut short too... jew-fro, here I come.

Georgette said...

It's been at least 8 years since my hair was even shoulder-length; more like 15 years since it was chin length. I never let it be natural, I was always curling it, fiddling with it, etc so I don't know what its natural texture would do if cut short. I'm thinking about going shorter in stages. I hate short hair (on me) and it's really just a functionality question. Long hair won't do me any good if I literally break it all off. So we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I actually cut mine ~1 year before starting BJJ (ponytail kept smacking me in the eyes during spin kicks in TKD -- ow!). I have days when I miss the length, and days when I fret about looking too much like a boy. But overall, I like it, especially the "towel it and run" part.

My hairdresser's latest idea is to keep the back pretty short and to grow out the bangs and sides. That way the only part I'll need to braid/pull back would be that little front bit. Still too short for that right now, though.

I think your idea of cutting in stages is good. Less shock, more time to get used to it -- and you may find an intermediate length that lets it be both healthy and functional for BJJ.