Friday, September 02, 2011

Monster summer cold.

Screw those stupid little brats on the damn cruise ship- I don't know which one, but ONE or MANY of them gave me/us this cold. I was all fine and dandy until last night; sure, maybe a little cough here and there, while my husband suffered and suffered, but I thought all the extra veggies I've been eating would render me immune.

Alas, this illness assaulted my head with a vengeance around three this morning.

And my car's battery died, so I had to go to the mechanic's and get a new one before heading in to work. Here I sit in my office with a shit-ton of work that has to get done TODAY, feeling like CRAP, and I really really want to go do my crossfit-esque class and then do open mat... but I probably am too sick to go and I don't think I can roll in good conscience anyway.




happy labor day weekend




slideyfoot said...

Other people's children: the bane of sensible, childless adults everywhere. ;p

Megan said...

Man...hope you feel better soon. Cold-eeze and neti-pot are your friends.

DirtyWhiteGi said...

Your food pictures make me hungry! Hope you get well soon, pop some Echinacea pills I always do that when I got a cold or feel one coming.

John said...


Liam and I caught colds on the plane on the way back from our vacation too. From the kids in the seat behind us maybe. Darn.


Shark Girl said...

I'm surprised those cold germs got by the "Washy-Washy" men!