Thursday, September 08, 2011

Still not training.

Still sick, still busy, still not training. Or working out.

First off please go check out Megan's amazingly informative post (with info from a microbiologist I pretty much guarantee you have never read before) about hygiene and safety for jiu jitsu. It goes way beyond the usual "shower, wash your gi, trim your nails" advice.

Cool video you've probably already seen... 143 armlocks in 10 minutes courtesy of Ryron Gracie and Rodrigo Salas.

Second... crazy video of Pedro Sauer (as a 2nd degree bb) at 150 lbs vs a bodybuilder, Mr. Utah, at 250 lbs. Crazy for several reasons. One is, it's a bad recording (one commenter said what did you record this with, a toaster?) so it takes patience to watch. Also, it's bare knuckle fighting. But entertaining nonetheless. I'm too busy with my work project to watch the whole thing so someone please let me know who wins. ;)

Some beautiful rolling, less than beautiful recording, between Pedro Sauer and Rickson.

In this one, Rickson sparring with students after a seminar. I am almost embarrassed on behalf of the guy at the beginning-- clearly a wrestler-- spazzing for the armbar and putting his shoes on Rickson's cheek! Gah!

Part 2 ..

I couldn't quickly find Part 3 .. so here's Royler and Rickson training nogi together..

part 2..

Pretty freaking amazing. I am so grateful to be able to watch masters at work. And grateful to the camera-holders; many people complain but I know if it were me I'd be much more interested in watching than in filming smoothly and technically.

And by the way, what's up with my traffic sources lately? I just noticed a big spike in readers, and I know it ain't because I'm all that fascinating. So I looked, and top three referrals for the last week are: 112 92 60

What the?!?!

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