Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm still coughing though less than before.  I will go to the doctor as soon as work lets up (this project is finished on Thursday, hooray!)  I have been working some 12 hour days so I think I'm taking Friday off.  Haircut, work on the blog, and dig in the garden.  :)

On Friday evening, I will be reviewing Issue #4 of BJJ Style magazine... gotta tell you I was reading it last night before bed and I loved it!  I'll also be posting the review of Black Eagle's Predator MK II gi, with input also from my husband since I got him one for his birthday.  We're a Black Eagle family now ;)

Hilarious snarky comments on T-Lo today, regarding the National Costumes event of the 2011 Miss Universe contest.  Really... Bird women??

In the meantime, enjoy some grappling.  George pointed out this good women's purple belt match from the 2011 Euros to me a while ago and I just hadn't had time to watch it.

Another match from the same comp, featuring Sijara Eubanks (Team Lloyd Irvin).

Which leads right into the absolute purple belt women's finals from that tourney... Sijara v. Mackenzie Dern.

And last, some beautiful thoughts from a good friend and trusted mentor....
* * * * *
Dear Georgette,

I was thinking last night about your evolving goals with regard to Jiu-jitsu.  Then I imagined someone (like a respected blackbelt, for example) asking me that question -- and wondered what my goals were.  Almost without thinking it occurred to me that I don't have any goals, it's more like, "what are jiu-jitsu's goals for me?".  That seems a little weird, I thought.  But with more consideration I realized that jiu-jitsu made clear to me when I needed to be stronger, or to become more flexible, and to have faith in others.  I've learned that although I am sometimes afraid that there's no real need to be.

This time period in jiu jitsu is exciting, for all the reasons we've mentioned over the weeks, but also because it offers a wonderful opportunity to listen and learn, to be patient and respectful, and to discover -- always remaining safe and relaxed and alert!  Jiu-jitsu's goals for me!!!!! :-)

P.S. If I also happen to become a world champion I will be very happy with that, too.
 * * * * *
Great way to move forward into the week :)


leslie said...

Wait, so I guess Mackenzie won the last one? She was grinning, everyone was screaming her name, and I think I saw more points for her. But they rolled behind the partition, and then the camera cut away to the floor, and then the video cut off just before the ref raised hands. !!

The suspense!!

Georgette said...

Yes she did. Check out this article:


Elyse said...

Hm... I've been telling my ladies - you can't win jiujitsu matches on flexibility alone. It'll win you a couple lucky ones, but in the end, you need more than the ability to put your leg behind your head.