Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get ready for a lot of reviews.

We leave tomorrow for two weeks' holiday with the extended family and inlaws, and I aim to do a review a day till I'm all caught up with the backlog. :)

Speaking of reviews-- Kintanon has written up an extensive and quite thorough review of all the tournament organizations he's experienced. He's a purple belt in Athens GA. Give it a read here.

I've sprung something in my left knee, again. This time it happened in bed-- don't get silly now-- I was pushing/wiggling my lower leg around trying to sort out a pile of blankets and I felt something go twang. Isn't that retarded? It doesn't hurt while walking or grappling, thank goodness.. just when going up and down stairs or pushing in the clutch. It's like something attached to the underside/inside of my patella is pulling loose. Not pleasant.

Stay warm, peeps.

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fenix said...

Both my knees are a bit dodgy. I have woken up because I turned in bed and felt something go funny. I've also been known to just walk around, maybe look over my shoulder and that was enough to make my knee go and do that thing. So yes, something as silly and simple as walking around or rearranging blankets in bed can cause knees to do weird stuff. I'm sure I have a piece of loose meniscus or something floating around my left knee. Sometimes it's good for months and then bam!

Though more recently, I was kicked in that knee by a horse. THAT did not help.. But thankfully, after a bit of swelling, a bit of locking and a lot of weird feeling it all settled down again.

Strangely, I have little trouble with them weird knees when I roll. But I put that down to a. being properly warmed up, b. being very aware of my knees and c. moving in a state of "loose tension", so that the surrounding muscles actively support the joint.