Thursday, December 01, 2011

Stuff to watch while you procrastinate at work.

I'm not procrastinating, by the way. I'm just trying to be better about updating!

Diego Moraes, Daniel's little brother, vs. Jordon Schulz (no shirt.)

Bill Cooper...

Victor Estima v. Renato Tavares-- here's what Geeza says about this one: "Of all the matches I watched at the European Championship in Lisbon 2008, I consider this match had the best submission. Victor Estima vs Renato Tavares (colored belt). This is not a move that just came up - it is a carefully rehearsed part of Victor's arsenal."

Enjoy :)


mike d said...

Look at him help him out and help him when he chokes him out. People ask me why I love this bjj thing of ours, things like that. Class act.

JCC-CSV said...

Mmmmmm.... side control reverses. I will admit that reverses are my favorite part of rolling at this point.

Ben said...

That Victor Estima arm bar was awesome!!!