Monday, December 05, 2011

Things you should watch.

Anyone watch the Bisping-Miller fight this weekend? I was quite disappointed. Not that either of them is a big favorite of mine-- far from it-- but I have come to expect a certain level of performance from anyone that remotely seems to be a "big name." And I know it's easy and wrong to armchair quarterback this kind of thing, but Miller didn't look "ready."

Had a fabulous time this weekend at Cleber Luciano's gi seminar. Cleber is celebrating his promotion to 5th degree blackbelt under Royler Gracie, and is one of the youngest 5th degrees out there at 37 years old. (Rener and Ryron are 5th degrees and only in their early 30s... scary!) Cleber has been a blackbelt for 20 years. Started at age 6!!

A Cleber highlight--

Cleber v. Jay Zeballos (JJ Machado bb) in the 2009 NABJJ finals...

I wish I'd taken his nogi seminar because he taught takedowns that aren't dependent on wrestling. I get so accustomed to thinking judo can't be done without the gi.

I'm getting ready to get on a plane to El Paso. Who can blame me for watching a little jits before I do?

Carlos Gracie Jr. and Marcio Feitosa pt 1

Pt 2

Marcelo Garcia and Stephan Kesting-- setting up and finishing the north-south choke--

Adilson Souza v. Joe Moreira-- just skip to 1:30, it's crappy camera work and the match doesn't get started till then. And such crappy camera work, the guy doesn't even focus on the match the whole time-- but it's about the only Moreira competition footage I could find.

(Moreira co-wrote the 3 volume Guard series that I love so much with Ed Beneville.)

Here's a Moreira bb in a friendly roll with a Korfhage brown belt. I don't know who Korfage is but it was listed as "guard game vs. top game" so I'll google Korfage one of these days.

Enjoy :)


mike d said...

Thats a 5th degree black belt and he is competing. That is highly motivating to me.

slideyfoot said...

Although degrees on a black belt aren't necessary comparable. The IBJJF has minimum requirements in place, but not everyone follows them. Hence why Rener and Ryron have that many degrees already: they don't pay any attention to the IBJJF ranking process.

Good discussion of that over here, particularly by Grandmaster of BJJ Stats, J-Sho.

Li said...

That Marcelo Garcia choke is awesome. Thanks for sharing!