Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gi Review: the Ouano Comp Light

 For reference, I measure gis out of the bag, then wash in the hottest possible wash and rinse setting, and dry in a hot dryer before the second measurement.  Future washes are usually on warm or cool settings but still machine dried.  If further shrinkage is notable, I will re-measure.  Also, I took all these photos together, and I was non-competition-weight;140lbs, 36-28-39, 5'2".

Ouano Competition Light:  Ouano has these on sale right now, but only size A0, A4 and A5 are in stock; $110-120.  Rumor has it they're retiring this gi.

Sorry, couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture of the interior label, I'm on a linux machine right now and it's impairing my mojo.               

Reviewed previously by Kumachan... BJJGearJunkie ... and on Sherdog.

Stats:  8 ounce ripstop pants, 450 g lightweight jacket, A1 weighs 3 lbs even.

Measurements: size A1 before and after wash-- Pants shrank a little lengthwise but not widthwise.  Jacket shrank a little both ways.

Pants across waist: 21"/21"
Leg outside, front waist to cuff: 37"/35"
Leg outside, back waist to cuff: 37"/35"
Cuff: 10"/9 3/4"
Rise (center of crotch up to waist) front: 16"/15 1/2"
Rise rear: 16"/15 1/2"

Jacket front length (shoulder next to collar to bottom hem): 30"/28"
Chest width (underarm to underarm): 22"/21"
Arm length (underarm to cuff): 22"/21"
Cuff: 6 1/2"/6"

I was given this gi by a good friend and sponsor, Mike at MMAOutlet.com.  I like the color scheme, but the fit isn't good for me.  Too long in the torso and sleeves, too poofy in the torso, too deep a rise, too flat a bum.  I wore it once and felt constricted.  The pants are ripstop, but of an unusual variety that feels more stiff than flexible.  Overall, good construction, and for a "lightweight" gi it definitely feels more sturdy and resilient than the Vulkan Ultralight (which is supremely soft and comfy, and I find to be plenty tough, but some complain about its lightness for day-to-day training.)

I also loaned this to a visiting gal for two weeks who is taller and slimmer than me, and she had no complaints. I was impressed that the black never faded in about 30 washes (I kept trying to shrink the sucker just to see.)

I'll let the pictures speak for the gi:  fraying seam tape in one spot

Nice reinforcement on the interior vent of the jacket.

One spot of skipped stitching, interior pants at the crotch, but note the triple seaming.

Expansive double layer on the front of the pants will provide good wear protection.  Four belt loops, and a stretchy thick cord belt.  Doesn't seem to be the type that will easily fray/develop "runs" if you know what I mean.

 Yes, this is me, post-Thanksgiving, post-Christmas party.  These pants are a little tight.  If you have a bum, they're not for you.  I prefer pants with a rear rise longer than the front rise, so that you cover the plumber's crack and yet don't have that "high waisted" feeling in the front.  These pants definitely felt high in the front.

The flash bleaches the gi out a bit, but the black is really quite dark.  Here's what I mean about the rear and front rise being the same-- this comes up over my bellybutton in front.  Excellent reinforcement of a stress point, worsened by my holiday insulation.

 Not too blingy for my taste (too much for some though)-- this is the forearm embroidery.  Couple loose threads after a few wears.
Exterior jacket vent reinforcement, very nice.

Sleeves a little long for me. Definitely big/loose in the torso and shoulders.

 Nice sleek color stitching highlights the shoulder yoke.  Note the matching embroidered name on the outside of the left leg.

No where near as offensive as the real Michelle Bachmann... probably a very useful and delightful lightweight gi for someone less curvy than me, made even more appealing by the black that doesn't fade despite about 30 hot washes and dries.

If you'd like to see it in action, Cane Prevost recently posted about playing top half guard on his excellent blog The Gentle Art, and he's wearing the white-with-orange version of this gi in his videos, found here.


slideyfoot said...

Great review! I look forward to hearing about the other five, especially the Tatami Nova Basic, as that one seems to be a notably non-blingy option for a normally very blingy brand.

The Kauai will be interesting to hear about as well, although I already know that is way too blingy for me. It also presumably wouldn't be easy to remove the stitching, due to the thin ripstop material.

That's as opposed to my Predator, for example, which I was quite pleased with once I got rid of all the stitching. Removing the patches on the ripstop trousers of that gi left behind some noticeable needle holes, so I would have thought I'd totally ruin the Kauai if I tried to remove the copious embroidery.

Mark said...

On Linux use The Gimp to rotate pics. Or follow this link for a way to do it right from inside the file manager... http://adventuresinswitching.blogspot.com/2008/05/resize-and-rotate-images-easily-with.html

Georgette said...

Gah, Slidey, you and your prejudice against bling! :) Here's the deal-- you won't notice what's printed/embroidered/sewn on your gi when you're rolling in it! And for its purpose, the Kauai is unbeatable ... those purposes being travel or training in warm weather. So if you'll do either, just put up with the embroidery, the Kauai will be worth it :)

Dang I just gave a preview!

slideyfoot said...

Hah - believe me, I would notice the bling. It would burn a hole in my shoulders. ;)

I've seen the Kauai up close in action, as the guy who runs Jiu Jitsu Style has one: I've rolled with him while he's wearing it. Quality looks great, but way too much embroidery.

I'm more than happy with my Gorilla ripstop, and I should hopefully be getting holding of a Kingz ripstop for review next year, along with possibly another super lightweight gi. That will be plenty for travelling purposes. :D

Anne said...

Thanks for this informative review - really makes me happy that I don't live in the U.S.!!

Unknown said...

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