Monday, April 29, 2013

Gladiator Games, May 4th, Louisiana!

The May 4th Gladiators Games will be held at the Comeaux Recreation Center in Lafayette, Louisiana!  This will be a great tournament, a very close friend of mine (Josh Artigue) and Tim Credeur and their school, Gladiators Academy, will be running the deal.  Should be a really good opportunity especially because it is not single-elimination, AND it's a classy, safe rule-set unlike lots of local tournaments where it seems any ol' heelhook, neck-crank or spinal lock is okay!

This is located at 411 West Bluebird Drive, Lafayette, LA 70508.

Weigh-ins will be held prior to competition of your individual division. The venue will open at 8:00AM and walk-up registration will be allowed until 9:00AM. Failure to make weight will result in disqualification.

Children's and Masters Divisions will begin at 10:00 AM and adults will begin at noon.

The competition will hold both gi and no-gi divisions following the IBJJF rules. Visit for all the information on rules.

The competition format will use modified double elimination rules for division with 5 or more competitors. Divisions with 1-4 competitors will use a round robin format.

Absolute divisions will be offered but only competitors who have placed in their individual weight divisions will be allowed to enter.

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