Friday, January 24, 2014

Ladies' Predadora gi back on the shelves! review coming!

As you know I am sponsored by Black Eagle, a premium supplier of all kinds of gear in the UK.  And as you know I have long been in love with their Predadora ladies' gi... because I have some junk in the trunk, and their pants fit like a dream.  And the jackets are great... and lightweight, but strong...

OK... so they had some troubles with a supplier and some other misconnections.. but the second version of the Predadora is back on their shelves, and I'm getting one for review any day now.  Just wanted to highlight what they offer...

The Predator range of BJJ gi has proven itself at the highest level. Cut to the limits of IBJJF rules, our Predator offers competitors significant benefits in reducing unnecessary advantages for opponents.
Completely IBJJF legal.
Jacket is made from 450 gram Pearl Weave, pre-shrunk, and with all usual re-enforcements. Trousers are RipStop, with rope style drawstring.
Embroidery only to shoulder and upper arms, for a clean looking gi!
Available in sizes F1 to F4.  Review is coming!!!!

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