Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sexual abuse of minor at New Hampshire BJJ academy...

This is semi-old news since it happened in May 2013 but I was just made aware of it... so sad... I was contacted by one of Aldo Batista's former students who wanted some help in getting the word out so that potential future students might be made aware of it.  Aldo was apparently arrested on 9 counts of rape of a minor; one of his BJJ students was 13 at the time.



The truth of the matter is this: BJJ is just a microcosm of the rest of the world.  No better, no worse.  We are shocked to find out how often these things happen in our neck of the woods because, well, it's US and we thought we were better than that.

We can be, if we push for standards and background checks and make it miserable for offenders to remain in our community.


Stephen Kim said...

Yeah that's pretty awful. And I'm not posting this to defend him, but it's just an interesting fact that the age of consent in Brazil is 14 years old. There is also a 5 year leeway so a 12 year old could have sex with a 17 year old.

On a separate note, I think its good that these things are being posted up in one place. I don't know if its all martial arts or just BJJ, but I've heard some pretty bad stories that don't go reported. For each reported sexual assault I can't even imagine the statistics on how many are kept quiet. Those statistics are probably even worse outside the US.

I don't suggest whipping people into a mob, but there should be a way to report these things anonymously so women are able to do a check on their instructors when joining an academy to see if they are at risk.

Georgette said...

Theoretically there is Bullshido.... but I have to check and see, I don't think Aldo Batista Dos Santos is up there. Yet.

IbelongtoGod said...

In this case, the girl was not even 14. She was a 13 year old CHILD, and he was 37. So the leeway is also completely irrelevant.

In Brazil, any sexual act (it doesn't have to be full intercourse) with a person under 14 years old is considered rape, regardless if there was actual violence or not. Below is an explanation in Portuguese:

"No Brasil, a idade de consentimento para o sexo, em geral, é de 14 anos, conforme o novo artigo 217-A do código penal, modificado pela lei nº 12.015/2009, artigo 3º.2 O artigo 217-A do Código Penal define como "estupro de vulnerável" o ato de "ter conjunção carnal ou praticar outro ato libidinoso com menor de 14 anos, com pena de reclusão de 8 a 15 anos,3 independentemente de ter havido violência real. Ou seja, se um menor de 14 anos praticar algum ato sexual, presume-se legalmente a violência sexual, ainda que tenha realizado o ato por livre e espontânea vontade."

No excuses!

Georgette said...

Thank you, IbelongtoGod :)

R. Patrick Brown said...


I would like to provide an update to the stories you posted.

All charges against Professor Batista were dropped after the NH State Attorney General's Office launched a full investigation.

They found that former students of Prof. Batista paid the girl in question to lie to the authorities about the sexual assault.

The students conspired to do so to discredit Prof. Batista while they opened their own school.

Please be aware that there are no articles regarding a trial and conviction in the matter.

Also, be aware that there are no follow-up articles regarding the results of the investigation as doing so would not sell papers.

Justice Mayo said...

@ Patrick Brown: There goes Aldo again and again telling his fabricated stories!!! Aldo is a man with no character and integrity. He is a COWARD and LIAR. His charges are 16 and counting! Its very clear nither one of you know how the court system works in the USA!! He lives a double life, hides behind a mask, a manipulator, con-artist, and evil!! Let me be clear: When an adult sexually abuses a CHILD, it is never the child's fault, and perpetrators must be held accountable for their ACTIONS! ADULTS enable child sexual abuse when people like you excuse it!! All of stop being NAIVE and WAKE UP!!!

R. Patrick Brown said...

Hello "Justice", I would like to thank you for your measured response to my comment.

Now, I would first like to state that as a person that has been sexually assualted as a child that I know that we should not be blaming the victim in these cases. If you go back and read my comment, you will see that I did not.

Secondly, the information presented to me came from people that I trust, and also have no reason to lie to me in this instance, which is why I commented the way that I did.

While there were quite a lot of charges brought against Batista, there were certainly not 16. We should also take the time to understand why such a large number of charges were brought up in the first place.

To a state prosecutor sexual assualt of a minor is a very serious issue and should be dealt with in a thoroughly legal manner.

On the other side of that, a state attorney is more than willing to prosecute a person such as Batista because they are classified as a "Big Fish". A Big Fish in this instance is a person with a certain staure within their local community, has some money and noteriety, and as an added bonus in this case, is not white.

In this instance there would be ample opportunity to line the pockets of the state with private money if the state attorney general could pull off a conviction. Multiple charges means that they are trying to hit him with anything and everything, not based on a large amount of evidence collected.

I bring up the fact of Batista not being caucasian because in a situation like this it matters.

Look at the stealthily racist comments made by Stephen Kim and IBelongtoGod.

Without any evidence or personal knowledge in the case they have framed him as a Brazilian animal that clearly cannot be as great as the civilized white men of the United States of America.

He's just some Brazilian animal that doesn't care about age of consent because of how his thrid world society indoctrinated him into this planet.

I know full well that we do not live in a world of rampant rape accusations and that rape accusations are under reported.


We do not need to continue to destroy the life and reputation of a person based on the actions of a group of petty individuals.

IbelongtoGod said...

Ashley, your updates on the case are hearsay from people you trust? That's reliable! Haha
I assume the person you trust, who told you the charges have been dropped, was Aldo?
No charges have been dropped, and yes, there are 16 charges against him. There were initially 8, and they continue to increase as the investigation continues.
Do some research before updating statuses of cases next time, don't just go by what people say, actually look into reports or speak with a detective if you have questions. And the people you trust are clearly lying to you, because charges are out there, and his day in court is coming!

Justice Mayo said...

@Patrick: Proof of your pure ignorance at its best!! Thats all you got for an excuse for that PIG..who takes advantage of the most vulnerable..CHILDREN!! How much is he paying you??? Then your a raped victim...really??? Then your a disgrace in protecting our children!! Hope you don't have any kids!! NO ONE is FRAMING HIM!! This is what he is telling you? Ask to go to his next court hearing..ASK HIM??? To see for yourself!
People like you is why SO MANY goes unreported!!! Please tell what his response is...once you ask him that you want to be there for him...ignorant!!

Justice Mayo said...

@ Patrick: Your response its pure ignorance at its best! How much is he paying you? First, the victim was paid to lie, now that he is a Big Fish! Really?? Your running out of options? Aldo is taking advantage of you and your family!!
Wake up!! Your a raped victim..really?? This is why raped victim goes unreported because of people like you!! Your a disgrace to our children...and yours, if you have any!! Ask Aldo when is the next court date? So you could go! Please do share his response!

Justice Mayo said...

Patrick has proved how many think in today's society. Individuals with authoritative positions are not capable of committing a crime, because the type of title they hold. Really?? Their ego gets the best of them! More and more coaches, professors, priest...etc. The list could go on!!! To many of these type of crime has been going on for years with individuals in authoritative positions. It is TIME to bring it out in the OPEN!! They like to be in control! The victims to be submissive. Aldo is known for that BIG TIME! Aldo is so full of himself, that he really thinks he will not fail or fall ever!! This PIG time has COME!!!

R. Patrick Brown said...

Thank you for your responses.
I would like to take the time to let you know that I am not running out of options. I am merely pointing out that there are a lot of facets to this case and how much there is to consider when you bring the court of public opinion into such a sensitive topic.
I have discussed this further with people that are closer to this situation than I am.
I will say that I misspoke when I stated that the charges were dropped. Yes, the charges are still there, and he will be having a court date.
So, there has been no official announcement regarding the investigation and I am retracting my earlier statement (Which further illustrates that no one should be talking about something they do not have full knowledge of).
The whole point of this is that we do not know what is actually going on and that there are many facets to consider when looking into the accusations.
And I do understand that these situations are very sensitive and that people make snap judgments and become very angry, the same type of anger you are displaying.
I am not being paid by anyone to say what I am saying.
But if he does go to trial and is found guilty with an overwhelming amount of evidence, then I will be wrong. I will also be horrified and disappointed.
Please do not misconstrue a call for moderation to be the same as being complicit with rapists.
I am stating these opinions because, while I am not a part of his school, I am from a martial arts community that interacts with the school and I know people that I trust, and respect that are standing by Aldo during this situation.
These are people that, as I stated, are people that are trustworthy, honorable, and better people than I am.
To that point, no, I am not naive nor am I ignorant. I do know for a fact that there are a large number of people that go into authoritative positions to abuse that authority. I do not need you to give me a sociology/psychology lesson.
Yes, at the age of seven I was sexually assaulted by a close friend of mine on multiple occasions and it did not stop until I told someone.
My attitude is not laissez faire when it comes to rapists.
Example: I think that Woody Allen should be strung up for what he did. Barring that, we should go back to the Roman way of dealing with rapists.
I can see by your statements that you are very invested in this case and that you have a lot of anger. As I have stated this is a sensitive subject, but I have not once insulted you in anyway.
Please keep the conversation civil. You may not agree with what I have to say and you have openly mocked those statements, but you should at the very least be able to control yourself and be courteous.
You have a lot of anger in you and I hope that one day you can make peace with whatever is eating you away and live a fuller life.

Georgette said...

Patrick, I will note that you are mistaken when you said: "In this instance there would be ample opportunity to line the pockets of the state with private money if the state attorney general could pull off a conviction."

The state gets no private money reward for convictions. That's just nonsense.

Also I wanted to share a comment someone sent me and asked to remain anonymous:

Hey Georgette,
It was brought to my attention that you're paying attention to the Aldo case. I read your article and the corresponding comments. I live in the community and am paying attention to the case myself. There are 16 charges pending in NH, and he is also under investigation in Massachusetts. Sadly, his students do not go to the court proceedings. Jury selection is the first week in June. I am truly saddened by the lack of responsibility taken by adults that train under guys like Lloyd Irvin or Aldo. If Lloyd or Aldo were private tutors or daycare providers, and this information came out, it would be a no-brainer and highly doubt they would be in business. But predators, lie, manipulate, and control. I am college educated, have morals and values, and they will not be compromised.

Justice Mayo said...

Thank you Georgette!!! @ Patrick....the girl got paid, the pig is a big fish, the state attorney gets a kick back from private sectors, and now...you mispoken! Wow, you truly have all your facts together! Please continue speaking with the individuals that are close to Aldo, because they just as blind as you! I have the right to be angry! It takes a community to protect our children from pigs like Aldo. We the adults are the voice for these children. I refuse to sit back and not do anything. We the community need to bring awareness to protect the children. It is our responsibility. Time for change!!

R. Patrick Brown said...

I did misstate that the NH State Attorney General needed a conviction to seize a citizen's property. They actually only need a preponderance of eveidence.
In a 2010 study conducted by the Institute for Justice both Massachusetts and New Hampshire received "D" grades for having laws in place that are stacked against the personal individual in cases of civil asset forfeiture.
A prosecutor needs only a preponderance of evidence to begin asset seizure while the defendant must begin to build an "innocent owner" defense to stop asset seizure.
Both states received "D" grades for the structure of the laws slanted against individuals; lack of proper tracking of the state forfeiture fund and lack of government transparency in the matter of forfeiture funds and the practices behind collecting the money.
So, no, not "just nonsense."
Yes, I misstated something, as I stated in my last comment.
So, you win?
Not sure what you are driving at by pointing out something I already said was wrong.
I hope you find the soalce to not have your emotions controlled anymore by Mr. Batista. Peace be with you, brother.

Michael Green said...

All of you are clueless and jumping to conclusions, a double life as a pedafile? really…. He’s a monster because he’s accused by a troubled teen? note: to the readers she was doing Jiujitsu because she was troubled. I watched this girl train with my daughter for months and nothing I mean nothing was inappropriate. I also know Aldo well, I started him in this business, back in the day it was me learning BJJ and him learning English, we did this at any club that would give us mat space.

If the evidence finds this man guilty, fine, but I don’t think it will. Until then maybe stay neutral. Funny though, I know some of you, maybe Aldo’s first student should visit your club, I’m old an fat now easy to beat, but there was a reason nobody would train with me, I became to rough..and skilled.

IbelongtoGod said...

It's sad for Aldo that "Patrick Brown" is one of his witnesses in the case. And "Patrick Brown" is the same coward woman who was here hiding behind an alias posting lies a few months ago, saying the charges had been dropped and that the accusations were lies made up by the competition. That is hilarious and pathetic! That shows you what kind of person Aldo is and surrounds himself with: Liars!
The trial will be this month, I will post updates.

Justice Mayo said...

@Patrick Brown A.K.A Ashley: Definition of Perjury: the offense of willfully telling an untruth in a court after having taken an oath or affirmation. LYING UNDER OATH! Consequence: A felony and prison sentence of up to 5 years. Oh yes, family could possibly sue you!!!! Good Luck!! Go ahead and share with your other buddies that will be doing the same thing for him in court.