Sunday, February 09, 2014

More of Nick Schultz's opinions on tonight's podcast.

Tonight, starting around 5pm CT, the Bullshido podcast, including more of my interview with alleged rapist Nick Schultz.  He'll be discussing his reaction to being kicked out of the World Grappling Circuit tournament in Houston last month, how the rape charges affected his belt promotion and competition goals, his future training plans, feeling unfairly persecuted, how he'd feel if the NYE assault happened to his sister, his understanding of the legal effect of the jury's verdict, and how he thinks a rape survivor should feel if she trains BJJ with him.

The Nick Schultz portion of the podcast starts around :29 and here's the link:

(the first portion of my interview with him is on this podcast episode, sorry I forget the start time: )

Also, this might be a patch (about 5" square) so let me know if you're interested.  Or, you can just steal the jpg and make it your facebook profile picture for a day.  The idea is not mine, of course, but this version of this iconic graphic design came from my friend Griff of Edmonds BJJ (front row, black gi).... design execution courtesy of Sam at custom patches...


Sean said...

not sure if I get the patch?

Sean said...

edit: meaning I don't understand it. I assume it's some sort of criticism, but it's not apparent to me what the criticism being expressed is. I'm guessing it is supposed to be message about "who will be next to do something appalling?"

If I hadn't seen it before and was at a tournament and saw someone wearing it, I'd actually wonder if it was in support of the people listed.

Not to mention the fact that I wouldn't want their names on my Gi regardless of the message.

The truth be told said...

Sean, you are the fucking man!

Sean said...

I appreciate the intent, but don't like the design.