Wednesday, February 26, 2014

New patches available!

Click on the page tab at the top of the blog-- cleverly named "Patches Available."

And something fun to watch... Keenan and Galvao training back in August, 3 rounds.  You can skip the cutesy intro (from the Matrix, which is cool and short, but if you're not in the mood..) and go right to about :40.  Check the nice footsweep attempt into a single by Keenan at :45.


Edrik López said...

I think the "names" patch is pretty clever. If you know what it refers to, no need to explain. If you don't, you ask and get the story. Either way, it's a reminder. This ain't likely to be comfortable for anyone, but that ain't the point nor a cause for forgetting. It'll feed into their camps' still being pro/per-secuted complaints, but boo-hoo to them.

Georgette said...

Thanks, glad you get it! :)