Sunday, October 25, 2009

Base and balance.

Good weekend but lacking in balance-- ate, and ate, and ate it seems. My husband was thoroughly occupied by the salsa festival in town, so I was on my own to some extent. I heard a girlfriend play guitar and sing in a small show...

Here's Maggie at Momo's.. bad picture, I didn't want flash to distract..

Then ate a fabulous dinner at the Roaring Fork.. heard a training partner do standup comedy (Doug's even funnier when he's on stage than when he's on the mats)

.. ate more, and more, and more... trained some.. helped demonstrate techniques in a womens' self-defense seminar.. trained some more... ate more.. watched UFC.. ate more.. trained more.. spent quality time with a dear friend... came home, folded laundry, did dishes, and made dinner... ate again! and now I'm in bed, cosy, anticipating some heavy rain tonight and a long week ahead till Halloween.

More disconnected thoughts:

I thought Shogun was robbed, even though I really wanted Machida to win.

I'm starting a migraine; I think it's the changing barometric pressure.

Leila swept me a couple good ones today.

I'm sleepy as heck. Two nights in a row without enough sleep-- 4 hours Friday night, 6 hours last night. Blech.


A.D. McClish said...

I was rooting for Machida too, but it was a bittersweet win. I was pretty shocked when they didn't give it to Shogun. Oh well. Hopefully they'll match up again.

leslie said...

I agree -- my scorecard was pre-stacked for Machida, and I still had him losing.