Friday, October 09, 2009

Brilliance and not-so-much.

First-- Fabio Gurgel rolling with Leo Vieira in 1997... for perspective, Drysdale wasn't even training yet, and Comprido was a blue belt..

That's obviously the brilliance part of my title. Especially liked the cartwheel pass to back mount at 1:16... and then at 1:22 the back escape to side mount... OK, I'll shut up now, I basically love the whole thing. Of course.

Returning to your regularly-scheduled programming (the not-so-brilliant part)... been working on some of the tweaks Donald made to my butterfly pass last week; working on hip movement and armbars and threatening chokes to bait reactions.. trying to be more aggressive and prosecute my attack series instead of just balling up on the bottom a la inverted smash. Not always with the success but at least always with the having fun. This morning, got to roll with Tommy and Doug, who destroyed me with gentlemanly grace... then at lunch, again with the nice big bluebelt whose name I can't recall-- and again sweep city! My problem is in trying to pin people down (i.e. while passing half guard or whatever) I end up putting my weight on top of them instead of next to them. Gotta remember that!

Tomorrow's a two-fer. Teaching salsa tonight and then to bed early since the irregulars are meeting at 6:30am. Groan.


Unknown said...

@0:40-0:44 I am so using that variation off the elevator sweep slick!

Unknown said...

The knee-on-belly -> single counter is pretty nice too...really good angle to see the proper hip motion to make that work.