Sunday, June 13, 2010


Holy crap.

Hillary reffed me at my third tournament ever, my first NAGA, as a purple belt in December 2008. I was impressed already because I'd never had a female ref. She writes a great blog with insight into the international competition scene and from it you can start to see that she's a very down to earth, compassionate, dedicated, and yes, well-rounded person. She's far from one dimensional, and her ability to juggle success as a pre-med student, her dogs, her family, her dressage, her art, and her incredible travels for jiu jitsu... it's just so impressive to me. She always has a kind word; she's a very skilled teacher; she is very encouraging.

Her amazing tournament successes over the last two years (hell, over the life of her HOLYSHITSHORT career in jits) are just a few of the reasons she immensely deserves this black belt around her waist.

She was once a blue belt but not like me. Still, it's nice to know that even the best out there started out... down here. :)

Parabens, Hillary.

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