Saturday, June 05, 2010

Mundials day two...

Only 64 matches today. Some wondrous, some soporific. What can I report for you? Unless I specify otherwise, assume that I have footage and will post it next week sometime.

-- Tracey Goodell, Team Lloyd Irvin, was on a rampage. She just got her purple belt (after double-gold at the Pan & NY Open as a leve-weight blue belt, and winning Brasileiro, the Brazilian Nationals, in her division and I think taking silver in absolute, also as a blue) and for sure won 3 of her matches today with submissions. She probably won her division today, but I'm not sure and results aren't up on the website yet. Holy crap! I did get some footage and stills of her, though, and will be posting that with our interview soon.

-- Mackenzie Dern, Megaton Diaz's 17 year old daughter and a pena-weight blue, won her division, was promoted to purple on the podium, and took silver in the women's absolute, losing 3-2 to the much larger Maya Matalo (sp? the website lists Mayra Mazza but that didn't sound like the name people were saying!) in the finals. Again, have footage, will share next week. Dominyka Obelenyte, allegedly only 14 years old, won her division in leve blue.

-- Alec Baulding, Alliance, continued the success he tasted at the Pan by winning the middleweight purple division. Have his finals match but the notes I took on who he fought are across the room in my bag, and I'm in bed, so that will have to wait. I do believe he won on points.

-- Ronis Gracie, purple leve, fought on my mat several times, and while I don't know how he ended up, I know he won several very tough matches. He always slides to halfguard or butterfly-ish guard right from the start and plays a complex open guard game that my noob eyes are too inexperienced to dissect. It's probably really exciting for masters of the art to watch; for me mostly it was concrete setting. He usually won on points. He knocked Jaxon Smith, Machado BJJ-Redondo Beach, out in maybe the 4th round or so. Too bad but no shame for Jaxon, who just got his purple after winning the largest division at the Pan (leve blue men.) Got footage of all that too of course.

-- Alaina Hardie, Mark Stables, beat Jen Whitcomb, Team Renzo Gracie, but then lost to Kay Stephenson, Gracie Elite, in finals of the women's light-heavy purple division. Footage to come.

Yes, there is a new affiliation out there-- Gracie Elite. Check out Caleb's article about it here on

Sorry, getting sleepy, so the blow by blow (which isn't so fascinating after all, unless it's about you!) will have to wait, if ever. But I will say that I still think this is the best damn sport out there! How else could you get me to sit in one place from 8am till 8pm, only taking one potty break and rushing back like a lunatic for fear of missing something, for $80?

Tomorrow will be KILLER. Don't forget you can follow my updates on facebook... I haven't twittered during Mundials yet, but I should. Follow me on twitter too!


Georgette said...

I did a quick search and see that Dominyka fought as a blue belt at Mundials as far back as 2008. So this is her third year as a blue belt at Mundials, and she's only 14?!

Anonymous said...

Alec defeated Beniel Dariush by 2 advantages.

Anonymous said...

Dominyka competed in the mundials for juvenile at 12, and she had her orange belt then. She only got her blue belt the summer of 2010, after the mundials.

Georgette said...

I was there, at Pans and Mundials, and I recall hearing her name being announced for winning the adult class. If I mistakenly attributed her win to the adult category, I apologize. I was scorekeeping as well so I could be mistaken. In any case, an outstanding achievement and one which makes me desperately wish *I* had discovered jits when *I* was only 12 or so!