Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Roger Gracie v Bruno Bastos, semifinals footage from the Mundials

Found this on Side Control.

Like David, I liked Roger's take-the-back starting around 6:50; this is one of Richard's favorites.

If you're curious, I was sitting off camera to the far left, at the scoring table for this mat. Whoever filmed this must have been sitting in the Gracie Humaita section.


mike said...

Hey, I saw you scoring over there but I couldn't really say hi. The Pyramid is way less accessible than the other venues they use IBJJF events.

On another note, I need to practice that taking the back from the guard the way he does it. I think its only possible if you have long arms. Luckily for me...

Anonymous said...


Georgette said...

Bummer I missed you, Mike!

I trained Monday and Tuesday at New Breed, and got to roll with John Ouano. I told him my sponsor MMAOutlet got me the spiffy comp-version Ouano! :)