Friday, June 04, 2010

Mundials day one...

Sorry no footage! Just a quick rundown... I scored 82 matches on Mat 1 and it was a great day.

Even the frickin' whitebelts were good. Sigh-- I was so impressed. My first couple hours I just kept musing how beautiful jiu jitsu is! Especially the little peoples' jits. I must admit I saw 2-3 matches of big whitebelt jits and was totally unimpressed... I think at that level they only know "crush, stand up in guard and try to forearm choke" etc.

The bluebelts were ridiculously good. I didn't get footage because I wasn't prepared-- my camera was in my bag but the matches kept rolling almost nonstop so I didn't have time to subtly, invisibly bring it out. I am SO PISSED too because I had pena (feather) blue belt women on my mat, so I would have liked to get them some airtime.

Mackenzie Dern (Megaton's daughter and I think only 16 years old) mopped up pena blue with ease, beating Jennifer Turner in finals with a bellydown armbar at 1:22. Mackenzie was being coached/cornered by Leticia Ribeiro and Beatriz Mesquita. I will note that Letty and Bia both have some guns! If you haven't watched their rope training vids on youtube, you should. But I digress..

Now that Tracey Goodell is purple, Dominyka Obelenyte of Alliance handled leve (light)_pretty easily, defeating Erikka Flom in finals but I didn't see how.

Full results can be seen here on the IBJJF website.

I'll save more big-picture reflections for later. Gotta jet to the Pyramid!


The Part Time Grappler said...

Very nice G. Keep it coming!

Are you going to the Fightworks Podcast breakfast?

Meerkatsu said...

Quality! Keep up the reports, you are our bloggery spy on the mat.

Anonymous said...

Mackenzie is 17 but Dominyka is only 14

Georgette said...

Thanks :) I didn't know that! Dominyka looks much older than 14. I would have guessed early 20s.

Georgette said...

@Liam- I am indeed attending the Fightworks Podcast get together :)