Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ocean Therapy Solutions

Kevin Costner has thrown his considerable fortune and clout behind some technology which might be able to clean the oil out of the ocean. Not bad.

Ocean Therapy Solutions has patented a centrifuge which can clean petrochemicals including oil, diesel fuel, etc. out of water at a rate up to 200 gallons per minute. They're working on a bigger version that can handle up to 400 gal/min. Kind of like using a teaspoon in a lake, but hey, better than nothing.

Kevin Costner testified on behalf of Ocean Therapy Solutions yesterday, June 9 in Washington D.C., before the House Committee on Science and Technology. The hearing, titled Deluge of Oil Highlights Research and Technology Needs for Effective Cleanup of Oil Spill, focused on cleanup technologies, and is archived on the committee's website.

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