Monday, September 27, 2010

China's First Female Blue Belt: Aihui Xu

Check out my interview with Aihui Xu, China's first female blue belt in BJJ. I became acquainted with her through Brendan McArdle, who trained with me at Relson Gracie in Austin before moving to Beijing. He graciously introduced us when I told him how exciting it would be to hear about her experiences and share them with you. He probably was not so happy when we all realized what difficulties we'd have translating my colloquial English into her Mandarin and back again! Anyway, give it a read here, on


Anonymous said...

They incorrectly put under her picture that she's China's first BJJ blue belt, rather than their first female blue belt.

Thanks for doing the interview!

Daniel said...

Awesome stuff Lady Red.

Shawn Aukstakalnis said...

Thanks for pointing out the error Julia, all better now =)