Monday, September 27, 2010

Mostly all better.

Well, the knee healed up more quickly than I expected (or maybe I was just being a big baby whiner..) Good thing too, because my friend Mark (of the Bat Dojo fame) was in town and I wanted to see some of his Marcelo stuff. He taught me a double-negative pass into a spiral armbar as well as the Marcelo guillotine and some tweaks to my butterfly.

Again, big congrats to Dev on his purple belt AND his performance at the nogi tournament this weekend, closing out his division with a teammate and graciously taking the silver..

Ditto, parabens to Kyle in Waco TX -- he's a blue, but tapped a brown this weekend and won his division and absolute at a tournament.

And congrats to Sean in Colorado for the same!

I won't be training today it seems. Big deadline in the Supremes. *sigh*


Tha D'arce said...

Thanks G! glad to hear the knee is better!

SkinnyD said...

Marcelo guillotine? I am interested...