Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Emily Swindle is Aptly Named-- or, the theft of a gi and its replacement...

So... remember a while ago I mentioned loaning a gi to a chick visiting our school for a month before she moved to Germany? She ignored my face-to-face instruction and left with my gi when the month was up! Her name was Emily, and I recently discovered her last name (aptly) is Swindle. Anyway, my academy owner Christy (who was the intermediary on this gi loan) stepped up like a champion and insisted on buying me a replacement!

Of course I sent her to Mike at and I picked the Ouano womens' lightweight gi (conveniently, already pinked out.)

I really like this gi. I'll do a formal review in a day or so when I've had the chance to wear it a bit.

Anyway, been working on seeing negative passes lately... also taking the back more aggressively.. fighting from guard.. takedowns (Duh!) and then last night's comp class had the pleasant surprise of Donald's return. Responses to single legs at different stages in the game, Peruvian neckties, standing guard breaks, and of course grip fighting. Love, love, love me some Donald.

OK-- got more work deadlines staring me in the face. Hope your training is going well :)


Dev said...

Good for you. :) I hate it when people are like "I don't want to name names..." Screw that. That chick ganked your stuff, and that's bullshit. I hope someone spills wine on her. :)

Kirsch: said...

I hate Emily Swindle.

Meerkatsu said...

Poetic justice :)

Anonymous said...

That has to be the most unflattering color pink I've ever seen. I hope it is more comfortable than it is pretty. :)

Or perhaps it looks better in person?

Hilarious name, btw.