Saturday, September 25, 2010


So, I was pretty dissatisfied with my crappling at the tournament last weekend. I haven't had time to process the footage yet what with a little accident at the house, crazy work deadlines, and so on.. but I will post what I have soon, I promise. In the meantime my first opponent, Tara Talanco, posted our match on facebook and tagged me in it, if you care.

What little accident? well... we have a saltwater reef tank, and it needs reverse-osmosis purified water for water changes. Accidentally left the water purifier on (filling a 60 gal drum) Monday and left the house around 9:30 in the morning. Upon return around 4 that afternoon, discovered lots of water, in lots of carpet, and running out into the garage and out the driveway. (heavy sigh) Fortunately, called the water extractor guy who sucked a LOT of water out of the carpet, pulled it up, took out the soaked pad, and set up a few fans and dehumidifiers. All that has been running ever since, and I think he'll remove it tomorrow since things seem to be all dry now. Just need to put in new carpet padding and restretch the carpet, put back all the furniture, etc and we should be back to normal.

For Dev, the things I want to work on: Nogi takedowns, nonreversible americanas from top halfguard, not getting reverse triangled from top side control, judo, judo, judo, and judo. Oh, and guard passing, closed and open, gi and nogi.

Yeah, yeah, I know that doesn't narrow it down one bit.

Sadly I have a hyperextended and twisted knee so I won't be training hard any time soon... at least 4-5 days minimum. But that's ok, I have a lot (A LOT) of work to do at the office.

Thanks for the good wishes, people. It's going to get harder before it gets easier. But I appreciate your help.


AbbyBJJ said...

Hey, I checked out your video on facebook. You did an awesome job pummeling in to prevent her takedowns. The only suggestion i can make is try to keep your hips down when you are in halfguard. You are giving her way too much space. I have the exactly same problem... maybe it's a little persons thing ;)

Dev said...

I just laughed out LOUD :) good list. too bad you can't list EVERYTHING. :) how about defending a nose attack?

Josh said...

Come hang out one weekend

Ben - jimmyDean101 said...

Congrats on the wins!!!!

Sorry to hear about your knee. I hope you heal up quick.