Monday, September 13, 2010

Conversation, today....

[16:40] georgetteoden: so I'm annoyed by judo today

[16:40] georgetteoden: and yesterday

[16:40] georgetteoden: and Saturday

[16:40] georgetteoden: I just want to fast fwd two years

[16:40] vidushr: judo being a cold bitch?

[16:40] georgetteoden: totally

[16:40] georgetteoden: no more fancy dinners out

[16:41] georgetteoden: no more roses

[16:41] georgetteoden: until she puts out.

[16:41] vidushr: nice. i feel like that w/ jits often- sometime she's a freak ho and sometimes she is an ice queen.

[16:41] georgetteoden: LMAO

[16:42] georgetteoden: vidush

[16:42] georgetteoden: I'm blogging that

[16:42] georgetteoden: want a pseudonym?

[16:42] vidushr: i dont mind

[16:42] georgetteoden: :)

[16:43] vidushr: but its true sometimes you can get her to do anything you want no matter how dirty and then sometimes you cant get anything

[16:43] georgetteoden: so so true

[16:44] georgetteoden: women!

[16:44] georgetteoden: can't live with them

[16:44] vidushr: damn right

[16:44] georgetteoden: can't kill them


Mark said...

ahahaha so true!

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