Monday, October 25, 2010

Cool stuff.

Couple things to highlight.... First, Slideyfoot has put together an excellent map of BJJ Bloggers (so, if you travel, you can find a friendly neck to choke on...) Bloggers, contact him if you'd like to add your academy to the map!  While we might not all be able to take off a year and jits around the world like Christian Graugart the BJJ Globetrotter, surely we could take a week or two?

Second, how many times have you griped about one aspect or another of a gi, rashie, or other item of clothing and thought to yourself "I oughta make my own!"  Or marveled at how easy Triin Seppel of Fenom Kimonos makes it seem?  Well, Seymour (of Meerkatsu fame!) interviewed Black Eagle founder Steve Turner for I found it an interesting read with some insight into the difficulties of starting and running your own gi business.

Third, I learned (from Seth, a very cool 4 str purple from Alaska) a flippy thing to conquer turtles.  And pulled it off the very next day against one of my favorite training partners, a smaller guy named Jason who fights MMA and routinely kicks my nogi ass.  (In gi, he has to work a little harder to kick my ass because I burrow into the fabric like... like... a burr.  Hence the term "burrow.")  Anyway, your hipside knee is between their elbow and knee or at least pointing at that spot.  Your headside leg steps over their head so your hamstring is on their neck.  You grab their belt or pants and just haul them over your leg.  Works on big peeps, too.  It might be a little scrambly when they land, but it's not difficult to transition to side control.  :)

Fourth, cool picture of me armbarring a pal at the last Bullshido throwdown... just re-found this picture and I dig it. So, I shares it.


Meerkatsu said...

Hey, thanks for the plug!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links and info! Cool pants BTW are they from Happy Kimono's?

Georgette said...

Thanks Jodi! Yes, HappyKimonos tiedyed my gi for me and I LOVE IT! I couldn't be happier with their work, it never fades or runs (even though I have bleached it a few times.) I can't recommend Chris's work more highly :)

slideyfoot said...

More bloggers the better! :D

It's been really cool to see how rapidly this community has grown: over 400 blogs on the list now (about 20 on the map, so plenty of people who haven't got in touch with me yet ;p), when I'm sure there were only a handful when I started training BJJ in 2006.