Thursday, October 21, 2010

Damn this memory of mine.

I was all excited last night for about 3.4 seconds because I swept my good friend and purple belt Scott in one of those rare-for-me displays of the savant portion of my game.  (Normally, I just express the "idiot" part.)  The excitement lasted until I was in danger again (this time from top halfguard, wtf!) and by then I was already getting fuzzy on the details.  Sadly, this happens often enough to be frustrating-- I randomly combine some muscle movements in some fashion which results in a good thing happening... but what combination? and when? who knows!?


Trained this morning and did a 25 submission drill which was fruitful... last night Giberson did a whole class on various grip breaks from knees (and the submissions you can land from the grip break, which were fun.)  I need to make more of an effort to attend the whole Wednesday night class instead of doing kids' kajukenbo then judo and finally trailing in for open mat... Giberson's conditioning is legendary and it's cool enough now to enjoy a solid hour of exertion before the remaining two hours of class.  Yay.  Gooooooodie.

Yesterday I had a little bit of a falling out, or maybe better to say I found myself crossways, with a training partner who is super important to me.  Couldn't deal with it face to face right away, because of course I was at work, which left me tapping away on IM and not liking the medium very much.  Eventually we did get it sorted out, though I wasn't sure if they felt the same way (the issue was partly something I said, but more was related to some other people, so I couldn't really resolve that chunk of the problem.) 

Tonight after class I'm helping my husband write his "statement of purpose" for his masters in nursing entrance  application, and I'm baking a batch of molasses cookies for some friends to take on a trip this weekend.  Right now I'm so sleepy I can't hardly keep my eyes open.

Lastly, check out the silly venn diagrams on my buddy Dave's blog Angry Hugging.

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Anonymous said...

COOKIES!!!! yum

Fuzzy brain symdrome (FBS), It happens to me all the time. I execute techniques perfectly during drills. Then we start rolling, and I forget everything I've ever learned! Every now and again, I'll get a little flicker of light. Then I'm plunged back into the dark bowels of BJJ Hades.

I hope you get your friend situation straightened out soon.

Take care,