Friday, May 13, 2011

Finally, sending gis and belts to Moldova..

Thanks to a cool blue belt in Canada, some gis are making their way to Moldova. Andrei Tarasenco of Gracie Barra is leaving on May 24 and graciously handcarrying gis and belts.

I figure the easier thing for financial donations will be to set up a Paypal account, so I have inquired and will post results on that shortly. Christian, the BJJ Globetrotter, just racked up $285 for them by holding a charity BJJ seminar in NY! Read about it here...

Hope you have a lovely weekend on deck.. I'm off to open mat now. Stupid knee is still sore, but haha, of course not sore enough that I feel I can't train.

Good luck to Mike D. at the first Big Apple BJJ tournament, hosted by Shaolin this weekend!!!!! :) :) :)

Edit: Slideyfoot just posted a VERY thorough rundown on side control escapes including a lot of crossreferenced material from other points of view... if you ever get stuck on bottom cross side, I highly recommend his post on the subject..

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mi said...

Thanks for the positive energy for my tournament tomorrow and great job to Christian on the fundraiser!