Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Your assignment, should you choose to accept it...

Found this reposted on Side Control's blog. Check it out.

"Here's your assignment.

Ok, check this out, I recently had my students focus on this because at some point you have to become a Master at your go to moves. Most people will become really good at their go to moves "over time" but I've been focused on cutting that time to a mere fraction of the normal time it takes most people.

Over the years I've proven it with my students and at first I proved it with myself as my own test subject.

As a motivation for my students you've probably heard that at tournaments I have what I call 'Money Moves', these are moves that if my students pull off they get paid. Like the UFC bonues but I was doing it before Dana White. :-)

For example, The Kimura Kid made $450 at the pan ams for his submissions.

When I want my guys to focus on X choke from the mount I'll make that a money move for a tournament and during the training I only allow the X choke from the mount(if they get to the mount).

I also will do position specific LIVE drills from the mount to force them to work on it.


Here's my Sunday assignment for you, I want you to pick one sweep and one choke from positions that you get to the most and only use those 2 moves for the next week, if you like it I want you to push it out for 2 weeks.

So your assignment right now is to write down what your one sweep will be and what your one choke will be.

Then think about the positions that you need to get to for the move and which of your teammates you're able to attain these positions on.

Then make sure that you get to work with them, you can also ask your instructor if you can get paired up with them because you want to work on a specific technique set and they are the best partner for you.

That's it. Saturday afternoon let me know how the week went.

Have fun.

Lloyd Irvin aka The Grappling Renegade
Forever The King Of Leglocks"

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