Monday, May 16, 2011

Not going to Mundials.

My knee feels great when I'm rolling, except when I go butterfly with that leg, or try to catch halfguard with that leg... it's when I stop rolling, sit on the side a while, and then try to walk that it bugs me. Or if I watch a movie, sitting relatively still for 2 hours, and then try to walk. Or lay in bed, or on the couch.. ditto. So I'm not doing Mundials this year. I'm still training, though when it comes to conditioning, I'm steering clear of impact/plio-type stuff. That's the closest I can comfortably come to resting.

Lunch open mat today was excellent. I wore a brand new gi-- a navy blue, mens' cut, size A0 Vulkan ultralight, courtesy of I'm a little heavier than usual right now, but the gi fit very well and was super light and comfortable. I think it will be my new competition gi.. time to get it patched up with some Hello Kitty!

[Speaking of fun patches... do a google search for "morale patches"-- they're used in the military for just that. Saw some funny ones...]

Super fun technical roll with Coley, this uberathletic and scary-talented 21 year old blue belt-- I was working on being less smashy and more fluid, trying to surf his body when he'd change positions. I had his back for a little bit but couldn't make anything happen from there as his lapel defense was super solid. He nailed me with a shoulderlock inside a triangle, I was working on disappearing my trapped arm but got stuck with my elbow pointing at him. Next roll though, got him in a lucky bellydown armbar. I was psyched to be 1-1 with him, not that I really ever keep count or anything, but I felt like that was a phenomenal outcome for me.

This weekend, I shipped a gi, belts, rashguards, tshirts, patches and stickers out to Andrei in Canada, who is graciously bringing them to Moldova where he'll be spending some time this summer.

I'm pretty pooped from open mat. Going to bring a friend recovering from knee surgery to the grocery store this evening, then head home and start tidying the house; the inlaws will be in town from Memorial Day weekend onwards....

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful day.

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leslie said...

My knee is being like that, too. It bugs me the most when I'm trying to sleep. The solution, I think, is just to not stop rolling. ;)